Commercial Property Management Redefined

Having been in the commercial property management industry as long as we have, we have been able to develop extensive experience in the management of all manner of commercial property. Our team comprises professionals, all of whom are passionate and experienced in commercial property management. This means there is nothing outside of our team’s capabilities.

Over the years we have applied our team’s many years of combined commercial property management experience to build on the methods and procedures of our management practices which are proven to be both effective and efficient.

A Partnered Approach

We subscribe to the concept of partnering relationships based on engagement with our clients to maximise results and the performance of commercial assets.

Our business focus is on our clients in the provision of services and importantly, the tenants as your  customers. ProRealty has served many professional and demanding property owners which have gone on to become longstanding loyal clients.

The services we will deliver are crucial for the end user in terms of quality, timeliness and responsiveness. The expectations of these customers will be determined through a number of mechanisms including regular consultative contact, surveys and tenant monitoring.

This collaborative approach is in our minds, crucial to ensure we not only achieve any pre-determined outcomes at the commencement of our management, but also that as any issues arise, solutions can be agreed upon promptly and with clients input.

Our team employs the use cutting edge technology which allows us to provide an additional level of service to our clients. As a result, clients can access anywhere, at any time their all relevant data pertaining to their property such as financial reporting and property documentation.

Key Management Functions

  • Lease and Estate Management
  • Leasehold Negotiation
  • Physical and Operations Management
  • Reporting
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Facility Management

Get In Touch

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